Our Mission


Our mission is to reach new students every day, helping them develop an authentic relationship
with Christ by knowing, experiencing, studying, and sharing God with their world.


Current Series: How to Survive the Apocalypse

We want to live an amazing life! How do we do that? We are going to take a look at prominent biblical characters who either demonstrated how to live life to the fullest or totally missed out on what life is all about. Our students were meant to get all they can out of life and we believe that this can only be achieved through Jesus. Join The Student Ministry as we discover what life is all about!




Merge is our event for students on Saturday Nights. We meet up at 4:30pm at our Woodlands Campus for Bible Study, go to the adult service at 6, and have a large group activity till 8:30!

Student Life Groups

Life Groups is our version of Bible Study. We love having fun while we dive into God's Word! Life Groups is the perfect place for you to form amazing friendships with other students your age, build relationships with amazing leaders, and develop an authentic relationship with God.

Woodlands Life Groups

Atascocita Life Groups

Northpointe Life Groups