Short-Term Mission Trips Announcement

Woodlands Church is committed to providing short-term mission trip experiences to Africa, Central America, and Haiti. We are currently redesigning the experience of short-term mission trips to enhance the value for our members and our international partners.

This redesigning process will take part in the first half of the year, and we will be announcing a number of short-term mission trips in the second half of the year.

This process does not intererfere with student mission trips, as those trips will run as scheduled by The Student Ministry.

We appreciate your understanding, and we look forward to continuing the commission of bringing the Christ experience to the world!

Woodlands Church Missions

Love Where You Live. Love Where You Go.

We creatively use every means available to share and show the hope of Christ, leveraging relationships and strengths of local churches around the world. We may lead initially with clinics, building projects, education, or business enterprise, but each is a means to meet very real physical needs and opens the door to sharing Christ, resulting in lasting life-change.

Global Missions

In partnership with indigenous leaders, our global impact initiatives intend to share the hope of Christ around the world in tangible methods that bring lasting change. We utilize scheduled global impact projects, church-wide initiatives, and the mobilization of strategic teams.

Local Missions

In partnership with community leaders and local organizations, our local and domestic impact initiatives share the hope of Christ across our nation in tangible methods paving the way for transformational change and sustainable development in the communities we serve.

Outreach Opportunities

Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, our advance team is dispatched on the ground to determine how we can best serve. Working through local agencies and churches of affected areas, teams of volunteers are trained to address the needs of a crisis and deployed to support relief efforts while offering hope.

WC Trading Co. Café

At WC Trading Co. Café we desire to create an atmosphere of acceptance where friends and family can come to fellowship, a place like home. We choose to exemplify Christ in the way we serve you. Purchasing items from the café provides resource for us to continue to minister in countries all over the world.

Farmer Field Schools

We found a way to plant the seed of the Gospel to change hearts, while planting seed for harvest to feed hungry, poverty-stricken families. In Haiti we are teaching good principles for farming along with good principles for life from God’s Word. The outreach is called Farmer Field Schools.

WC Trading Co. Store

WC Trading Co. exists as an expression of Woodlands Church because we believe every life has purpose. Every single person has God-given gifts and talents. We want to help empower others to break the chains of poverty and help lift them with dignity and hope to reach their God-given purpose.

Hospital Visitation Ministry

The Hospital Visitation Ministry visits church members who are sick and in the hospital to provide comfort and encouragement in their time of need. If you know one of our church family members is in the hospital, please call or email Woodlands Church. The Hospital Visitation Ministry team will be notified and a visit will be scheduled by a team member. For more information, contact

Job Support Ministry

Consistent with Jeremiah 29:11, our purpose is to assist those in career transitions find employment consistent with God’s Plan for their lives by integrating God into the job search process. Our workshops are designed to provide encouragement and guidance by presenting a review of job search basics followed by sessions on relevant topics such as Resume Writing, Interviewing and Networking. Workshops are held on the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of every month at 9am in the K-1 auditorium. Contact the Job Support Ministry at