Life Groups

We’re so excited you’re part of the Woodlands Church family and look forward to learning more about you! If you’re trying to find a Life Group to get involved in please send us an email and we will help to get you connected.


Three Kinds of Life Groups

Life Stage Groups

  • Single Adult Groups
  • Married Couples Groups
  • Married Couples with Children Groups Married Couples with Teenagers Groups
  • Married Couples Empty-Nest Groups Senior Adult Groups

Life Affinity Groups

  • Police Officer Groups
  • Fire Fighter Groups
  • Teacher Groups
  • College Groups Business Groups
  • Tech Groups

Life Impact Groups

  • Men’s and Women’s Bible Study Groups
  • Restoration Groups
  • GriefShare Groups
  • Divorce CareGroups

If you’re interested in starting a Life Group be sure to register for Membership Class and then Life Class. These classes explain the heart behind Life Groups and what it takes to start your own.