Life Groups

Life Groups are where a big church becomes small. It’s where you get connected in community and grow as a family. We believe Life Groups are the main way in which you grow spiritually and it happens in this setting because you build authentic relationships that challenge each other to be in God’s Word, to use the God given gifts and talents you have to serve in the church and community, and lastly, to be able to constantly look for chances to share the gospel with others. Life Groups are where you have people around you to support, encourage and hold you accountable. Join a Life Group today and expect God to stretch you and grow you.

Session 1: Living the Dash

What are you living for? Who do you love? These are the questions that Pastors Kerry and Chris challenge us with in session one.

Session 2: Live Passionately

Have you ever had a dream or idea that came and went? In session two, Pastors Kerry and Chris talk about living with passion, all out for God.

Session 3: Love Completely

Forgiveness is always easier said than done. We don't get to control other people's responses but we have the opportunity to do what we know is right.

Session 4: Learn Humbly

We can't prevent the storm's winds of change from blowing into our lives but we can prepare for them and learn from prior storms.

Session 5: Leave Boldly

Everyone leaves a legacy whether they realize it or not. The question is, “What kind of legacy are you leaving?”

Life Group Host FAQ

Our Life Group pastors cover some frequently asked questions about how to lead your group.


Hear the vision of Life Groups and how it fits into the mission of Woodlands Church.


This video explains your role and responsibilities as a host of a Life Group.


This video explains your role and responsibilities as a coach with our Life Groups.


Hear Jeremy and Jessica’s story and how Life Groups have impacted them.


Hear Karina’s story and how Life Groups have impacted them.


Hear Cornelis and Nicole’s story and how Life Groups have impacted them.

Three Kinds of Life Groups

Life Stage Groups

  • Single Adult Groups
  • Married Couples Groups
  • Married Couples with Children Groups Married Couples with Teenagers Groups
  • Married Couples Empty-Nest Groups Senior Adult Groups

Life Affinity Groups

  • Police Officer Groups
  • Fire Fighter Groups
  • Teacher Groups
  • College Groups
  • Business Groups
  • Tech Groups

Life Impact Groups

  • Men’s and Women’s Bible Study Groups
  • Restoration Groups
  • GriefShare Groups
  • Divorce CareGroups

If you're interested in starting a Life Group be sure to register for Membership Class and then Life Class. These classes explain the heart behind Life Groups and what it takes to start your own.