Nursery Area

The Small World nursery area serves babies from birth through 24 months of age. Classrooms are specially designed for the nurture and growth of infants, crawlers and walkers. While in Small World, babies are prayed over and lifted up as they first begin to hear about the love of Jesus. Dedicated adult Shepherds serve in a loving, teaching and growing way that blesses babies and their families each weekend. Services for babies are held in the safe, nurturing and secure atmosphere of Small World and follow the same schedule as our adult services.

Preschool Area

At 2 years of age, babies promote into the Small World preschool area. Each child is welcomed into their own age-appropriate classroom with open arms. While in Small World, little ones will experience Biblical truths through creative lessons, praise and worship, and exciting activities designed to share the love of Jesus with each unique and precious little one. Dedicated adult Shepherds serve in a loving, teaching and growing way that blesses little ones and their families each weekend. Services for preschoolers are held in the safe, nurturing and secure atmosphere of Small World and follow the same schedule as our adult services.

Baby Blessings

Baby Blessings are designed to minister to expectant mothers and fathers. This special time of prayer provides support, encouragement and promise as the baby’s arrival approaches. During a Baby Blessing, prayerful promises are claimed for every stage of the baby’s life, from womb to adulthood. The Baby Blessing gathering can be presented for Woodlands Church member families in an intimate setting by The Preschool Ministry or by the expectant parent’s small group, family, or friends.

Baby Dedications

Baby Dedication is all about a promise by parents to raise their baby in the ways of the Lord. Baby dedications are designed to take place within the first two years of a little one’s life, but the promise represented by the dedication will last for a lifetime. The Preschool Ministry joyfully presents a very special Baby Dedication ceremony for our Woodlands Church families each year on Mother’s Day weekend. During this annual celebration, our entire church family will join Woodlands Church Senior Pastor, Kerry Shook, in praying for the babies as their parents dedicate them to the Lord. The ceremony takes place at the beginning of each Mother’s Day service, led by Pastor Kerry or the designated Campus Pastor. Babies are given a keepsake Bible and a certificate commemorating this precious day. Alternative arrangements for baby dedications outside of our church wide Mother’s Day ceremony may sometimes be made available for members of Woodlands Church with extenuating circumstances.

Safety and Security

The spiritual, emotional, and physical well being of every child has been, and will always be, our top priority in The Preschool Ministry! We take this commitment to the families of our church very seriously, and we consistently go to great lengths to ensure the best and safest experience each time your little one attends church.

Parents will personally register their family in The Preschool Ministry as they arrive for the first time. Upon arrival for scheduled services and events, parents will receive their child’s name tag and a matching adult security tag through our secure and automated check-in system. The matching adult security tag must then be presented in order for the child to be released to the adult at the end of the service or event.
There is no outside access into the Small World areas without security clearance during our services or events. The staff and volunteers of Small World have been diligently screened to provide your family with security and peace of mind as you attend worship.

Our wonderful volunteer Shepherds carefully adhere to proven and safe procedures relating to diaper changing, hand washing, feeding, and caring for children.

Know that we are praying for your family, and we consider it a privilege to come alongside you and help lay a Biblical foundation for your precious child. In The Preschool Ministry of Woodlands Church, our commitment to little ones is unwavering in every way.