Latest Message Series

Fully Restored

DNA of a Champion
Inside of every great leader are hidden qualities that very few can see but lead to the greatest results. These unseen traits, embedded in the very fiber of your character, determine the outcome of your life. 

Laser Focus
Eliminate distractions, but the realities of daily life make that a challenge. That’s why this weekend I want to give you a renewed sense of focus and direction in your life that can only come through Christ.

Doors of Decision
The trajectory of your life is determined by the choices you make on a daily basis and in this series I want to show you how to make divine decisions in those critical moments!

Fighting Fair
Are you fighting for a relationship that always seems to be on the ropes? Do minor conflicts constantly grow into huge fights without warning? You are not alone!

The Case for Christ
Based on the true story of our teaching pastor, Lee Strobel’s examination of the Christian faith, The Case for Christ is going to be an unforgettable experience and powerful evangelism tool.