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Fake News

With the explosion of social media and news outlets today, fake news has become so common it’s almost impossible to distinguish. Fact checkers are scrambling to separate what is true from what is false.

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Business by the Book

We are all involved in the marketplace—as an employer, employee, consumer and countless other ways. We come to church on the weekend but how often do we apply our faith in the workplace?

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Are you thirsty for more in life? Do you feel like you’re always running on empty as you struggle to make it through another day? The good news is that 2017 can be the year you break free from the barriers!

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I Do, Take Two

Keeping true love alive seems to be a challenge in our culture. Couples walk away, leaving a trail of heartbreak and collateral damage when they could be experiencing a depth of love they’ve never known.

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Find Your Miracle

I believe in the miracles of the Bible, the miracles of Jesus, and, yes, I believe that miracles happen today. Yet, many people consider a belief in miracles embarrassing even as those people deeply long for them.

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Not to Do List

Want to stress less and enjoy more? Conventional wisdom would say, “Make a To-Do List and get organized.” But, what if we turned that around? What if, instead of a To-Do List, we began with a Not To-Do List?

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