Kenya Missions

We’ve trained over 2,000 rural Kenyan farmers, most of them women, through our church-based Farmer Field Schools. We provide them with seed, fertilizer and weekly agricultural training. The result is a dramatic increase in the quantity, quality and variety of food placed on family dinner tables each day. Thanks to these Farmer Field Schools over 80,000 children and adults now experience the security that comes with knowing where their next meal will come from.

Through Woodlands Church and local Kenyan church partners, over 10,000 high school students have been positively impacted with a 14-week life skills and mentorship program centered on the Gospel. This results in students making better choices, handling circumstances more effectively and leads to a connection to their local church youth group.

We train over 1,500 pastors through conferences designed to cultivate solid, biblical, leadership skills.

Woodlands Church has established a campus in one of the largest slums in Nairobi.

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