Video Producer Editor Job Opening

Video Producer/Editor – full-time; Woodlands Campus

Job Summary:
We’re looking for a motivated and innovative video producer and editor! This role is responsible for editing TV shows, interview videos, TV promos, worship service videos, social media videos and other videos to support the mission of Woodlands Church. Ability to take video ideas from concept to final product is highly valued.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Capturing and Editing weekend service content
  • Capturing, Ingesting and Editing TV shows
  • QCing shows when necessary
  • Capturing all Sunday camera ISOs and ingesting
  • Editing and uploading the weekend message to Youtube and Vimeo
  • Editing testimony and illustration videos as needed
  • Editing the weekend message for use in social media videos
  • Assisting with cameras, lighting and audio during video shoots
  • Assisting in maintaining the Raid and LTO systems
  • Working with the video team in the pre-production and planning process of video shoots
  • Editing and delivering commercials and promotional content


  • Weekly Service Videos
  • Weekly TV Show Editing and Delivery
  • Participation in large video projects including Christmas and Easter
  • Participation in Commercial, Curriculum and large video shoots


  • Proficiency with Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro
  • Proficiency in Adobe After Effects a plus
  • Experience in video/film production
  • Post-production organization
  • Ability to create a product on time and on budget
  • Ability to be teachable
  • Interest and passion for various forms of storytelling through the medium of video


  • 40 hours / week
  • Flexibility to work differing hours based on schedule

To apply: send portoflio and resume to