Students Discipleship Groups

Students Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups are small groups for High School students. These groups are made up of 10-12 students that meet weekly with a College Leader (High School) and High School Leaders (Junior High). Junior High meet on Wednesday’s in the High School building. Most High School Groups will meet in homes, group meet on various days of the week depending on the group. There will be four 8 week sessions during the year with a break between. Discipleship Groups are a perfect place for you to form great friendships with other students your age, build relationships with leaders and to develop an authentic relationship with God. No Charge this session.

Discipleship Groups for Junior High and Highs School are available at all three campuses. We have 4 sessions a year that meet for approximately 8 weeks each.  Session 1 (Sept-Nov), Session 2 (Jan-March), Session 3 (April-June), and times and meeting places vary. Request more information at

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