2016 Year in Review

Dear Church Family, Chris and I are so grateful for how God is using you to build people and change lives through Woodlands Church! Your love and prayers made all the difference in our lives and family and we can’t wait to see what God is going to do through all of us together in 2017. We’re praying for God’s blessing, strength and provision in your family this Christmas season and for a bountiful 2017.

We love you,
Kerry and Chris


1,920 people committed their lives to Jesus Christ.


1,567 people were baptized to profess their faith in Christ.


1,162 people committed to membership in the Woodlands Church family.

Students & Children

1,320 students and children were eternally impacted at our summer camps, and 374 of them placed their faith in Christ.

Future Leaders

Woodlands Seminary continued to grow with 113 students being trained in God’s word to change the world.


Disaster Relief Ministry: 1,268 volunteers served 13,052 hours to bring relief and restoration to area flood victims.

Farmer Field Schools

Woodlands Church’s Farmer Field Schools: over 80,000 people in Kenya and Haiti are now food secure with a nutritional and reliable food supply.

Hope for the Hurting

Over 420,000 hurting people were impacted through our over 100 ministries and missions; including food drives, shoes and clothes, Christmas gifts, school supplies, medical treatment and supplies, clean water, rescue from human trafficking, mission trips, leadership development, local benevolence, counseling and much more.

Be part of the life change at Woodlands Church, make a difference for generations.

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