Day 14: Forty Day Journey with Jesus

As we’ve started reading the Gospel of Mark, you’ve probably noticed a difference in his style. His writing is vivid and forceful; he uses a lot of action words and moves quickly to the events in Christ’s life. In some translations you’ll find the word “immediately” used over and over as Mark makes a forceful point about the action that is taking place.   Mark gets right to the point, and one key theme throughout his Gospel is the way Jesus served.
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Day 13: Forty Day Journey with Jesus

Your boss tells you a directive has come down from the top. Your prime responsibility this year is to find, enlist and train at least three people as Junior Sales Associates during each fiscal quarter. This is your primary task; and as you’re doing this, you are also directed to: a) keep going on your normal sales routes and explore new routes, b) immerse these new Associates in the value proposition (the benefits) of your product, and c) train them by taking them with you on weekly sales calls and by teaching them all the things your boss/mentor taught you. Would you consider all four of these things as important? Sure you would! Your prime directive is to enlist others, but you are to do this while you are going through your normal work week and training these new recruits.
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Day 12: Forty Day Journey with Jesus

Can you think of an unusual experience you’ve had or seen at a wedding? In our reading today, Jesus tells a story about a wedding that included a great celebration and a tragic surprise. A Jewish wedding was the most celebrated social event of that culture. However, there was a tragic twist to this wedding; some of the bridesmaids missed out on the marriage feast and celebration because they were not ready! Continue reading “Day 12: Forty Day Journey with Jesus” »

Day 11: Forty Day Journey with Jesus

Today we read about the real Return of the King, that day when Jesus Christ returns to earth.

Matthew’s Gospel began with the birth of Jesus in a dirty, forgotten stable. There in Bethlehem, a door opens in the wall of the world, the veil of eternity is drawn aside, and Jesus Christ – God in the flesh – steps into our midst. Author Dorothy Sayers put it this way, “Jesus Christ is unique – unique among gods and men. There have been incarnate gods aplenty, and slain-and-resurrected gods not a few; but He is the only God who has a date in history.” Continue reading “Day 11: Forty Day Journey with Jesus” »


Day 10: Forty Day Journey with Jesus

Many years ago a man was driving his car down the road when the car sputtered, died and rolled to a stop.  The driver tried repeatedly to restart the engine, with no success.  As he stood glaring at the car in frustration and kicking the tire, a sleek, black limousine pulled up next to him.  The chauffeur hopped out and opened the back door for an elegantly dressed gentleman.  The gentleman asked the driver what the problem was.  The exasperated man replied that he had no idea; the car had just quit running.  The gentleman asked if he could take a look under the hood.  The driver scoffed at the suggestion that this finely dressed gentleman would know anything about car repair; but having no other offers, he agreed. Continue reading “Day 10: Forty Day Journey with Jesus” »